Accurately capturing the diversity in protein expression

  • We provide a bottom-up approach for proteins present in a diverse set of samples and perform (a) untargeted label-free proteomics using Orbitrap or Q-TOF mass spectrometry (broad coverage) or (b) targeted proteomics via stable isotopic dilution using triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (high sensitivity).

  • We include the necessary sample preparation steps prior to analysis, such as extraction, precipitation, enrichment, depletion and digestion.

  • We perform unidimensional high-resolution separations using pillar array columns and can readily add more chromatographic dimensions for ultimate sensitivity and coverage.

  • We use tailored software algorithms for protein identification and quantification.

  • We follow a rigorous and established game plan┬áthat helps define the right questions and determine which data will provide the answers.

A few examples of projects we have supported in the past

  • Identifying bait proteins interacting with prey proteins (studying protein-protein interactions)

  • Revealing pathogen-specific proteins & peptides in faeces & blood plasma

  • Classification of leaf types and assessing impact of processing steps

  • Quantifying transgenic proteins in artificial diets to prove environmental safety

  • Realtime detection of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and nucleocapsid structural protein in nasal swabs & throat rinses